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Welcome to your dive center specializing in training PADI instructors. Here you will find all the information necessary to acquire your goal of being a professional PADI. Active Scuba Divers is one of the best PADI 5 Star IDC dive center and has extensive experience of over 25 years in the diving industry and PADI training professionals, both in terms of Recreational Diving and Technical  Diving 100 % passing students.
What you will find with us it is a team ready for your professional courses, from Dive Master, EFR Instructor, Assistant Instructor to Instructor PADI and courses of different levels of continuous education can make an Instructor to specialize and have more job opportunities, to give an example the different Instructor specialties or Master Scuba Diver, IDC Staff Instructor and Master Instructor. You can also jump into PADI TecRec and become Tec Instructor, DSAT Tec Deep Instructor, or Tec Sidemount Instructor Trimix if what you like is Technical Diving.
For any question we can help you, you can contact us at
Why should i turn into diving professional level educator?
If you want to make a distinction yourself from the rest working on something you love, live in constant contact with nature, working daily with new people who have one goal "fun in their holidays and free time", if you want to personally develop yourself and learn from your job and the environment and finally go to work in a swimsuit then you are at the right dive center and right web
Over 20 million divers worldwide trust your PADI training, because they are the largest diver training organization in the world for over 40 years. Learn to dive with PADI means enjoying the best standards in dive training, safety and customer service with a highly professional but relaxed. The modular training system PADI offers maximum freedom during the training, allowing students to determine their own pace.
The majority of the offers of work...

PADI has the majority training centers, and diving course offers , most job offers come from PADI As a PADI Professional you will have access to Pro work, the job market where jobs available worldwide as DiveMaster, trainers, managers diving centers and many more are moving.


Think in waking up in the morning calmly, imagine going to work at swimsuit, without traffic jam or without any stress type, to assembly your diving equipment and to supervise the rest of divers while you relate to people who enjoys his vacations, to sail awhile up to the diving point and to show the wonderful ocean bottom from the different parts of the world, to teach the way to dive to the people who experiences the same illusion that you...

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IDC PADI at Active Scuba Divers

Upcoming Instructor course PADI IDC & IE - May2015
Limited to 10 Students!!! Get your inscrition today and change your life!!!

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IDC Courses  - Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI & EFR Instructor

849,00 €

Instructor Speciality Package : Instructor PADI 5 Specialities and 2 FREE

500,00 €