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Pipin is a prominent figure in the diving world and an independent producer, cinematographer, writer and director. He is an expert in ocean and underwater films. He has directed and written over 50 documentaries throughout his career, which began in 1990 for Italian television. Pipin had the pleasure of also producing documentaries for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the Spanish Network. He has worked alongside many well-recognized producers and directors around the world and continues to do so.
This has all come about in the course of his 30 year professional career in the diving industry, during which he has made thousands of appearances on some of the most prominent media outlets around the world. As an underwater sea hunter in his youth, his exceptional ability to spearfish prey at great depths previously considered beyond human reach began earning him recognition as the “King of the Deep”.
He would eventually explode into the spotlight of the diving world as an unprecedented athletic phenomenon. Now, more than 30 years later, after having set over of 25 world records, Pipin has performed more than 500 free dives (holding his breath) below the 100 meter (562 ft) barrier. He has logged over 38,000 hours of training in the sea. A true master of the Art of Apnea in all of its forms, he is considered to be a diving “wonder” (in his own class) and recognized around the world as the living legend of freediving.
He has been the subject of multiple scientific experiments and studies at Universities and laboratories in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has also been used to test innumerable related products over his thirty year career. Multiple reliable nutrition products with proven results have been formulated as a direct result of that extensive research.

Pipin has also helped scientists to better understand the behavior of the human body while in immersion. He has been the subject of many scientific and biological research studies to better comprehend the astonishing physical and mental capabilities that enable his extraordinary diving abilities. These experiments have given us unprecedented insight into the amazing aquatic, energetic and mental potential of the human being.
In his personal quest Pipin, like no one else, has persistently gathered the knowledge, experience and expertise to conceive and perfect the tools of his trade, which of course includes spearfishing and diving equipment. As a natural born underwater sea hunter, he’s particularly proud of his spearfishing line of guns and refined series of related equipment, which ensure the best possible individual performance for enthusiasts of his unique and thrilling sport.
In his unique position as the World’s best “test diver”, Pipin Ferreras is perfectly positioned and happy to share the secrets of mind control and peak performance, which are significantly enhanced by his suite of performance delivering, “Shape Quest Nutrition” products.

Pipin has gone so far beyond what scientists said was possible that the mere fact of his existence forces us to ask the question, what are the limits of a human being?

His quest – to go beyond, to become a true creature of the sea in body and mind – is nothing less than inspirational.

Pipin Ferreras
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